Scorpion Fs Plus 26

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The Trike with SUV Genes 
Scorpion plus 26: higher, wider, more comfortable – a vehicle for all purposes

No matter where you want to go: Your Scorpion plus 26 will take you there. A trip into the countryside, a long distance journey or into town – with the most convincing SUV-trike you will attract attention everywhere. The genes of this recumbent trike combine convenience and safety with maximum riding pleasure. In every detail you will find some extra-plus. So we equipped, for example, one of our electric motors with a reverse gear to make turning maneuvers just as easy as possible!

Higher, wider, more comfortable: The designers of HP Velotechnik transferred what the SUV-class makes up into the construction of recumbent trikes. While situating you on this high seated vehicle, we want you to have an extraordinary overview in almost every situation. A seat height of 57 centimeters (22.5″) represents a unique peak of this kind of trikes.

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